About Us


Step into driftroom, launched in 2016, we are an independent lifestyle and gift store in the heart of Birmingham, located in Linkstreet, Bullring.

We believe in making your space truly yours, you own it, whether it be your university accommodation or your home. We want you to feel comfortable, empowered, thoughtful, happy and settled.

All our products are beautifully designed, have a purpose and are quirky yet distinctive. Whether it be one of our in house designed products such has our neons to something we’ve found and think its special, we want to share it with you! We also understand how hard it can be to find a gift to those who you hold dearest and nearest and lets be honest you want to gift something that’s different, if that’s the case look no further. We aim not to only put a smile on your face, but to those who you love to.

We’re here to shake up the lifestyle and gifting section in Brum, and most of all we’re
to offer you beautifully designed products that bring joy to you and others. What are you waiting for? Find us in LinkStreet, Bullring today!